Press Release

Leading law firm launches new ESG advisory business to meet surging demand

July 27, 2022
2 min read

Leading Australian law firm, McCullough Robertson, has launched McR ESG, an innovative new business to support clients in the development of a strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy and response.

McR ESG provides future-focused, strategic advice and practical solutions that help to comprehensively shape businesses’ response to ESG pressures, and to explore the unique opportunities that this presents to every organisation.

The new business is led by McCullough Robertson Partner, Louise Horrocks, whose legal and commercial experience in global sustainability and industry transition ensures expert understanding and service quality for McR ESG clients.

“ESG has been a developing area for some time, but has seen a recent surge in importance with organisations challenged more frequently by stakeholders to articulate their position on complex ESG themes. With shareholder activism on the rise and regulators increasing their focus amid claims of greenwashing, responding to ESG has become increasingly complex and this will continue as we move closer to mandatory ESG reporting amongst other regulatory developments,” she said.

“There is rising pressure on organisations to remain ahead of stakeholder expectations with a strong corporate ESG response, but more importantly, a strategic and stakeholder aligned ESG response can unlock incredible opportunities and create competitive advantage,” Ms Horrocks said.  

Ms Horrocks said that the firm was thrilled to launch McR ESG, having seen a significant increase in client demand for this support, and a clear gap in the market for a provider who can offer both legal and non-legal advice.

“This is an emerging area in need of advisors with a multi-disciplinary skillset who truly understand and have worked within industry. As a first mover in this space, McR ESG, with the support of McCullough Robertson, provides an innovative combination of legal and commercial service to clients across all stages of their ESG journey.”

McCullough Robertson is approaching its 100th year of providing trusted guidance to clients across multiple industries. Building on this heritage, advisory services offered by McR ESG will extend beyond meeting legal requirements, seeking to add value to their clients’ businesses through the identification of opportunities to proactively approach their ESG strategy and enhance relationships with key stakeholders, determine suitable ESG investments and engage in profitable sustainability practices.

“I am proud to be leading the charge in extending this industry focused service to provide strategic, commercial and legal advice, and I look forward to partnering with new and existing clients to explore the unique opportunities available to them.”